Newborn. Motor skills in kids 3 months

BabyAt 3 weeks, a newborn begins to "open" their pen. He is yet able to open and close a fingers, focusing all attention on a movements of his hand. It seems that the kid understands that the mitt on which he looks belongs to him and that it may be controlled.If you accidentally grab a crumb brush a other, he will treat them with interest. This is how typical of this age, which is considered by about pediatricians, if a kid to the end of a 3-rd month and was not interested in the own hands, it is cause for seeking medicinal attention.The some man can touch, grab and hold a plastic rings, if you'll put them into his hand. By the way the crumb begins to vigorously shake a fun and tries to bring it to his mouth, it is clear that she is interested in it. However, until a newborn takes it however an extension of the own hands, and not however a separate subject, how when a rattle fall out of a hand, the newborn shows no signs of anxiety.In an attempt to touch anything, run a brushing is extremely serious for the construction of points: cognitive interest, a training of tactile sensations, strengthening the small muscles of the fingers. However fasten the bars cots suspension with moving playthings. A baby will go specifically to touch playthings, loved to hear the sound.Obvious changes associated with sucking. Now, when you put a baby to the breast, it is 1-st turning his head, looking nipple, then adjusts grabs his lips and only so starts sucking. Sucking reflex is manifested in a baby between feedings and all that falls into his mouth - own mitt corner of diapers, my mom's finger - it will suck. But presently he feels fine difference 'tween merely sucking movements and those that satisfy your hunger.Fed a baby will be happy sucking on a nipple, but with a sense of hunger, he at once and it will spit out a scream. Another sign of growth characteristic of this age is a ability to consciously suck his thumb. Prior to that child sucking thumb, if he accidentally hit him in a mouth. Currently crumb do it purposefully.Along with the obvious progress in the ability to run his arms and sucked a baby begins to significantly better control the movement of the head. By a end of 3 months a newborn is along correctly holds his head while sitting in a arms of an adult, and may turn a small to the rightly and to a left.The newborn has learned to roll from position to position. Some of a kids lying on his stomach, trying to crawl, bending forward and exposing the first one knee, then a other. Upon a game, a kid may raise his hands above his head.  Similar posts:Maintenance of a child. However to increase natural milk supplyBabyMothers. Breastfeeding. Bottle-feedingNewbornCare of a child. Teething in kidsBaby.

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