Mothers. Breastfeeding

ChildIn a ranking of a most valuable items, by nature, your milk comes first. But most importantly, it is ideal for delicate child's digestive system.Give up a scheduleLet's take a newborn bust on demand. Do not be worried size that at 1-st too often asks for a newborn is. Gradually the small man himself will cultivate food. Every feeding, start with the fresh that is "resting" in a last time.Do not decant of the feedingMilk is produced in exactly a like numbers how what you should child. Decanting, you misinform the aging body, and a natural milk becomes more than the kid can eat.Eat rightlyNutritionists suggest mums to prepare a day menu of safe products and to develop a ration gradually. Avoid fatty and spicy foods, raw raw vegetables and fresh fruits. A first 3 months exclude from a regimen fresh cabbage, beans, peas, onions - they cause the baby colic.Remember: citrus fruits, pear, tomatoes, honey, pork - strong allergens. Discard them in the name of the child's well-being.Strong tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, canned fish and meat is not for you. Replace them with vegetable ragout, roasted fresh meat and sweet juices.Pick up upkeep of freshKeep a nipples do not appear cracks. Insure against them by rightly applying the child to the natural. Do not bath it more than once a day. After feeding grease nipples drops his milk.Examine a chest any time and check to see if it seals. They can be a sign of incipient mastitis. If you find anything like that, do applique with grated potatoes, honey and milk yoghurt. When feeding, massage the question areas.  Similar Attention of a newborn.articles:Baby. Stitches after giving birth following cesareanNewbornService of a baby. Poses for lactationChildFall thin hair following childbirthBaby.

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