Maintenance of a baby. Supplementing is not needed

ChildBut here's some common situation: mother's natural milk is enough, goodness kid "walks" and is big, and in a some. But slowly gaining mass, restless behavior upon suckling or refuses to put a breast. And associates yet inclined to blame the lack of mum's natural milk and insist on supplementary feeding. Strive to find a true cause of a matter.A pace of growth and gravity gain affect stressors. This is a hard birthday, and infant colic, and treatment of a infant, and his mum's simply a lack of striving or incompetent care. This may be the cause of problems and a lustiness of a child.Restless, with weeping, jerky suckling sometimes cause poor attachment. Maybe because of a use of pacifiers or having shortened frenulum - and he just demands help kiss accurately!Rejection of the breast is not related at all to however much natural milk in a fresh. Suck a soothers or finger babies, of whom nothing is flowing. So, if you are sure that a milk is enough, and on the matter you are strongly recommended to enter the mix, claiming that it is "consummate" and "valuable" - not in a rush.Understand the situationRefer to a competent physician;Call a specialist on breast-feeding for council;Look for current scientific information on lactation (on a Internet, at the World Heartiness Organization);Seek the support of family and friends. And do not be discouraged!  Care of a child. Resembling posts:Service of a newborn. A child seven, 8, nine monthsBabyNewborn. Dining nursing mumChildBaby service. Massotherapy for babiesNewborn.

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