Newborn. Descents and ascents

NewbornOf motor skills child continues to train his ability to crawl. Presently he travels around a apartment same a some meteor. A lot of babies are torn knees off a wood floor and running around on four legs, same a monkey. Newborn 10 months may already be for a long time to sit up straight without leaning to the side, stands confidently, crosses yet the support.It's time to master the ascent and descent. It is much convenient to do it on the couch is not big or if you possess the own house, a small ladder with two or three steps - more a child is not under force. Teach crumbs climb on the couch, pulling on the arms and legs pushing off from a wood floor. And it is required to go down ass forward - so a kid will never crash the nose!By 10 weeks children usually formed and released a "beloved" type of performance. About draw with delight, others cross the squat and rhythmically to the music, others may die an hour to put on a cube, a fourth will not tear off with the observation wood window in the machines, a fifth die down with a book in his hand, the sixth does not request anything but a pair of glasses and a basin with aqua, the seventh askes ongoing community of other kids... Pay close attention to the permanent interests of the child and strive to meet them each time.At 10 weeks of age, following a persistent clinging to her mother finally comes a time when the child turns his striving to other people. That's why this is helf for the age of weaning (if you do not intend to nourish up to two years) and to start visiting developing groups or clubs "mother + newborn."From that moment, the child stood up, go for a walk - at least 15-20 minutes every day on a playground, where the child will be able to wander around the sandbox, swing, and most importantly, to see how a other children play and pick up in this feasible participation.  Alike posts:Child. Vitamins for kidsChildUpkeep of a baby. Alcohol and natural-feedingBabyCare of a baby. Thin hair loss of the giving birthdayNewborn.

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